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Narvik – Get to know the destination!


Michael Ulriksen

Narvik – where steep mountains meet deep fjords

Surrounded with high mountains and deep fjords in the middle of Northern Norway, you will find Narvik located in the heart of the Ofotfjord. The perfect destination to start your holiday in Northern Norway, it being an exceptional opportunity for any family and friends who is seeking meaningful quality time together, a time filled with wonderful experiences, whether it spent by the sea, up in the high mountains, or in the city of Narvik.

Kind and memorable experiences is what you will surely create here, and along with great friends and family, it’ll be extra special. Narvik, along with the surrounding region, offers a good selection of accommodations. A queue of experiences and adventures also waits for you, whether you are a fan of alpine skiing, ski touring, RIB tours, hiking, fishing, experiencing the northern lights or the midnight sun, local history and war history, or just simply enjoying arctic food in a pleasing atmosphere.

Narvik in the summertime

The Great outdoors

Become a climber, whether you’re a fan of peak hikes on high mountains or easier hikes. However, the feeling you will gain from the beauty around is enormous, it’ll fill your heart, with you on top looking down into the deep fjords or gazing at the mountain’s landscape as you find it beyond endless.

Narvik Efjord

Rune Dahl

The Narvik region has top tours of all difficulty levels, where friends use nature as their meeting point. There is plenty of room to find your favourite spot, whether it is in Efjord on a chalk-white beach, on a kayak trip in the heart of the Ofotfjord, or on Northern Norway’s Pulpit “kjerna”. For those who are seeking more adrenaline, then joining your best friend to reach the summit of the Norwegian National Mountain Stetind is a must, as it is also located in Narvik municipality. You will also find the perfect spots to lay in your hammock under the midnight sun, whether it was in your own little white beach, or by the calm running waters in the forest. Along with your friends and familiy, you will create unforgettable memories to cherish.

Midnight Sun

Midnight sun narvik

Rune Dahl

Narvik is located north of the Arctic Circle, at 67 degrees north. Between the vernal and autumnal equinox, in the northern latitudes, you will find the midnight sun, and in Narvik you can experience it from late May to mid-July. In bright summer nights you will se a landscape draped in yellow, orange, and red colours from the glowing sun.

The Ofoten Railway

The Ofoten railway is a 43 kilometres marvellous train journey that takes you from the fjord to the mountains, a wild journey with a dramatic landscape. Many people assured that the Ofotbanen is the world’s most beautiful train journey, whereas the author Ernst Didring took it far enough to describe it as “The world’s eighth wonder”.


Jernbaneverket, Roar G. Nilsen

Polar Park

Polar Park is the world’s northernmost animal park, and home to Norway’s large predators such as bears, wolves, and lynx as well as deer, moose, reindeer and muskox. Opened in 1994, the park is based on exhibiting animals in their natural surroundings. The landscape around the park is breath-taking and provides the perfect backdrop for your arctic wildlife experience. You are welcome to walk around at your own pace or join one of our guided tours to learn more about our animals.

Polar Park Narvik

Michael Ulriksen

The history of Narvik and the Narvik War Museum

Narvik was developed as an all-year ice-free port for the Swedish Kiruna and Gällivare iron mines. The history of modern Narvik begins in the 1870s, when the Swedish government began to understand the potential of the iron ore mines in Kiruna, Sweden.

War Museum Narvik


This ice-free port made Narvik extremely important for the Nazi-Germans to get control over during WW2. Narvik War Museum is based on the battle of Narvik in April 1940 and creates an understanding of what happens in the region when the naval battles and the mountain war – 62 dramatic days – unfolds. Through exhibiting artefacts, interactive digital surfaces, texts, and pictures, the museum displays how Nazi-Germany’s attack and occupation portrays and draw lines from the days of peace in 1945 into our own time.

Narvik in the wintertime

Ski touring

Narvik is squeezed between the coastal and inland mountains, giving access to a wide range of different terrains and microclimates. We enjoy a much drier climate if we compare ourselves with the coastal areas further out, such as Lofoten. This also means that it is almost always possible to find good skiing conditions in the area. The nature of the region led to having a remarkably high number of internationally certified mountain guides residing here.

Skitouring Narvik

Micke Af Ekenstam

Alpine skiing in the Narvikfjellet Ski Resort

Narvikfjellet is a unique facility both summer and winter, surrounded by majestic mountains and deep fjords. At the foot of the mountain, you will find Narvik city, which turns Narvikfjellet into Norway’s most urban plant. Narvikfjellet offer a different experience, both for family, friends, top tour enthusiast, bike enthusiasts, and active alpine skiers, to mention some.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Narvik

Michael Ulriksen

The amazing Northern Lights are visible in the Arctic parts of Norway from September through March. Narvik and the Narvik region is ideally located right under the Northern Lights Oval. In Northern Norway, where Narvik is located, the Northern Lights appear almost every night. But to able to see the Northern Lights it is essential that it is dark, no light pollution and clear skies. Nothing else on the sky looks like the Northern Lights and it is a spectacular sight to see lady Aurora dancing across the sky.

Dogsledding and Sami culture

Dog sledding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and one of the best ways to get close to the facinating arctic nature. And in Narvik we have perfect conditions for this experience.

Dog sledding Narvik

Michael Ulriksen

The cold and the snow together with the majestetic mountains that surrounds you gives you the best backdrop for this experience, and not to mention the close encounter you get with animal and nature! At the top of the European continent, ancient tones, distinctive languages, and reindeer herding traditions live in close interaction with modern technology. The Sami in the Narvik region and the rest of Northern Norway today represent one of the oldest cultures in our part of the country!





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