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Narvik – 8 reasons why!


1. The most spectacular alpine skiing championships ever

The Alpine Skiing World Championships is the world’s second largest winter sports event, only the Winter Olympic Games is larger. Most ski destinations are located by small villages in traditional mountain areas. The town of Narvik can, in addition to having world class alpine skiing slopes, offer an extra dimension with its proximity to the sea.

NarvikMountains, sea and town make up a unique trinity and a spectacular venue for visitors and the millions who follow the world championship on screens.

2. A exceptionally compact championship

In alpine skiing terms, Narvik is a large town. However, for all other purposes it is small and all the necessary facilities are close to the slopes. Most visitors will be able to walk from the town center to the World Championships venue; if you are on skis, you can ski right down into the town. Many of the guests will be able to stay in large, modern cruise ships, moored in Narvik Harbor, which is approx. 30 minutes’ walk from the venue. This is both environmentally friendly and attractive.

3. An event with strong national support

All Norway – the political environments, organizations, businesses, and the people who live here, stand together and are enthusiastically behind the plans for the Alpine Skiing World Championships in Narvik. There can hardly be another event that has had such unifying broad support.


Rune Dahl

Those who live in North Norway are patriots of our fantastic region. We rarely have major worldwide events here, so when the opportunity comes, and particularly when everything that is required falls so easily into place as in this case, we stand firmly together behind it.

4. Legacy

As a town, Narvik has big ambitions. The goal is to be the leading winter sports destination in the arctic areas of the Scandinavian countries, and thereby, a natural destination for winter tourists. At the same time, the town will be attractive by ensuring a good and inclusive urban environment that is financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable. Narvik’s ambitions are independent of whether we are awarded the World Championships. However, for the town and the surrounding region, the Alpine Skiing World Championships will be decisive for the pace of the development.

For people who live in North Norway, the pride of jointly fulfilling the promise involved in a world class event will strengthen the feeling of identity, patriotism, and desire to live in the region. For businesses in the region, and nation-wide, the Alpine Skiing World Championships will be an exhibition window for important industries such as tourism, energy, seafood, and aquaculture.

In a region that is otherwise often divided over discussions on location and regional tugs-of-war, the Alpine Skiing World Championships will be unifying and will create a good basis for cooperation in several other areas.

5. Sustainability and environmental gains

There is increasing emphasis on the environment and sustainability. There will be requirements and solutions in the future that are not obvious today. The Alpine Skiing World Championships will be the most sustainable winter sports event that has ever been held. We will establish a standard for how such sports events must be held in order to keep the impact on nature and the environment to a minimum. We want to inspire the whole world in this regard and show how to participate in and form a sustainable future.



Narvikfjellet – The venue

6. A huge folk festival

Northern Norway has shown on repeated occasions that those who live here enthusiastically take part when a party is put on. We will have a huge folk festival for all visitors through several events before and during the championships. We will create expectations and implement a uniform concept that captures the experience for all guests and inhabitants. The Alpine Skiing World Championships in Narvik will be felt physically – and enjoyed visually. Events at the arena will be full of action, the town will be decorated, and ceremonies filled with enthusiasm in the compact Narvik square, which will be at the core of the town festival.

7. Suitable weather conditions

Is there enough daylight in Narvik to arrange this championship during the Polar Nights? Yes, it is!

Narvik has approximately 6-8 hours of daylight during the championship period in early February, which is considered to be enough to complete the races with necessary flexibility. In addition to the natural daylight, it will be built a permanent light system in all courses to offer stable conditions for course preparation, inspection and racing.

The wind direction are favourable and the snow conditions are normally very good in early February. During this period, the weather conditions are stable, and the cold climate is predictable and favorable for this event.


The cold temperatures prevent the occurrence of fog and low cloud cover, and help to give both participants and spectators fantastic views during the championship.

8. A brand new venue

Welcome to Narvik – the brand new Alpine World Ski Championship venue in the Arctic.

The city’s alpine history goes far back in time, but has not yet had the opportunity to host a championship on this scale. Narvik has for many years arranged more than 20 national championships, and more recently World cups for women and a Junior World championship.

The mountain has incredible 950 meter vertical drop, and will facilitate maximum vertical drop in all tech disciplines. The venue is large and steep, but also compact and urban.

All disciplines will have one common finish area, within walking distance of all the city’s facilities and accommodation.

This venue is created for a folk festival with easy access and participation. In addition, the venue enables an efficient implementation of the championship, both in terms of the sport and the logistics.

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